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Hey there! My name is Gabi and I am an independent hair stylist at Salon Lux in Troy, Ohio!


I decided pretty early on that I wanted to be a cosmetologist. I got my cosmetology license at 17 while in high school and now at age 24 I am deeply in love with my career. I was a pretty creative kid who didn’t like to stay still very long, so everyone knew that I would not be the person for a repetitive or desk job. (I even tried a few out and man, were they right.) Making people feel like the best version of themselves? There is nothing more rewarding. Seeing the look on peoples face after I transform their hair into what they were picturing makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


I am the mommy of a perfect 2 year old boy named Rj and my 2 dogs, Kevin and Coco. My husband describes me as the girliest tomboy he has ever met. Yeah, I want to look pretty and wear heels. But I also want to wrestle and watch super hero movies. Its called balance. You can also almost always catch me in the kitchen cooking or baking something.

My main focus is to give you your dream hair while keeping the health and integrity of your hair as my first priority. I specialize in blonding and extensions but love to mix it up with some fun vivid colors from time to time. When you come and sit in my chair, I do not want your appointment to JUST be an appointment. I want to give you an amazing experience and build a relationship with you. I want you to feel welcomed and comfortable, this is your time. I am able to give you the relaxing, calm experience, or talk your ear off and laugh the entire time you are with me. 

I cant wait to have you in my chair!

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